See LUVLE performance statistics here and a blog on any problems encountered here. Note: LUVLE module spaces shutdown briefly each morning at 4:10 am as a precautionary measure related to the instability experienced in the Michaelmas term.

You may be prompted to login again if:
  • you are not active in LUVLE (that is typing text, clicking a button or changing a page) for 1 hour;
  • your session has expired; your login will expire 4 hours after you login, even if you have been active;
  • you try to do something that your login is not authorised to do.

If you can't login:

If your password has not been changed for months, it may have expired and needs to be changed. If your password has expired, once changed your new password will be accepted by LUVLE within a minute or two. If you can't remember your password or can't change it yourself, please contact the ISS Service Desk in the Learning Zone (Alexandra Square).

If you are still unable to login successfully despite changing your password or if you are not using a network username and password to login, please contact LUVLE Support.

Teaching timetables are available in MyModules and here.