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Manchester Metropolitan University, April 1998

A limited supply of the papers given at this very successful
conference is still available for purchase. The papers are bound into
two volumes, and available as a set, at a cost of 25 pounds sterling
[including second class postage]. Details of the contents of the two
volumes, and of how to obtain them, can be found later in this

Preliminary planning for the fifth such conference at Manchester
Metropolitan Conference is now underway. It will be held from Monday
lunchtime 29 March 1999 to Wednesday lunchtime 31 March 1999. Further
details, with booking forms etc, will be available in the autumn of
1998. Offers of papers are very welcome, and should be addressed,
along with requests for further information, to

Colin Barker
Dept of Sociology, Manchester Metropolitan University,
Manton Building, Rosamond Street West,
Manchester M15 6LL, UK
fax +44 161 247 6321
tel +44 161 247 3429 [ansaphone]



Anthony J ARMSTRONG, The New Left Review and Convulsive Change
1987-1991: a study in the 'fog of war'
John ARMITAGE, Ontological Anarchism, the Temporary Autonomous Zone,
and Techno-Politics: An Analysis and Critique of Hakim Bey
Colin BARKER with Michael LAVALETTE, Strategy and the Sense of
Context: Reflections on the First Two Weeks of the Liverpool Docks
Dispute, September-October 1995
Logie BARROW, What Made Anti-Vaccination 'Martyrs', c. 1867-1910?
Matthew BEAUMONT, Late-Victorian Dystopianism: The Paris Commune and
the Anti-Socialist Imagination
Rose CAPDEVILA, Narrating Protest: A Q Study on environmental
Wayne CLARKE, The 'Exodus' collective: D-I-Y activism in action?
Linda CONNOLLY, From Revolution to Devolution: The Contemporary Irish
Women's Movement
Laurence COX, Gramsci, movements and method: the politics of activist
Ralph DARLINGTON and Dave LYDDON, 1972 - The Challenge From
Rachel DIX, A short story of individual and collective
transformation; 24 hours in a Leeds strike
Jeremy GILBERT, The Politicality of Cultural Forms: From Williams to
Laclau and Mouffe (and back again)
John GOLD, 'Hard Hitting Songs for Hard Hit People': Woody Guthrie
and the Dust Bowl Migrations
Paul GRANT, 'People must do things for themselves': A comparison
between the revolutionary theory and practice of Amilcar Cabral and
Walter Rodney
David GRIERSON, The Oatlands Tapes: Comments on an Urban Community
in Decline
Rumy HASAN, Riots and urban unrest in Britain in the 1980s and
1990s: a Critical Examination of the Explanations
Zoe JAMES, Policing Protest under the Criminal Justice and Public
Order Act 1994

Michael LAVALETTE and Nigel FLANAGAN, Tribunes of the people?
political activists and interventions 'from without' during an episode
of collective action
Michael LAVALETTE and Gerry MOONEY, Political perspective and
strategy in the first year of the campaign against the Poll Tax in
Geraldine LIEVESLEY, The rise and fall of social movements in Latin
and Central America
Harriet MITCHELL, Green Future?
Alistair MITCHELL, The Poll Tax Riot 1990 - Building A Real Time
Video Chronology
Dave MORLAND, Power tools: anarchism and the internet
Richard MURGATROYD, The Subject as Object: Researching the popular
politics of the poll tax
Kiran ODHAV, Student protest history, future challenges and black
institution extinction
Jan O'LEARY and Rachel SHARP, Spiritual Feminism and New Age
Politics: Can 'self spirituality' be transcended?
Michel PEILLON, Forms of protest in contemporary Ireland
Stanley RAFFEL, Culture and the revolutionary ideal
Andy ROBINSON, From NIMBY to NOPE: Residues of reform on Glasgow's
Alison STATHAM, Ideology versus Pragmatism: Contradictions in Theory
and Practice of the New German Right
Clifford STOTT, The inter-group dynamics of crowd events
Deborah TALBOT, After the Smoke Clears: the Independent on Sunday's
Cannabis Campaign and How the Drugs War was Lost
Helen WAITE, Lesbian Activism: Is the future all queer?

(plus ABSTRACTS ONLY: Jane HARRIS, Liberating human and non-human
animals: ethical body regimes among women animal rights activists;
Drew HEMMENT, Renegade rhythms - the body poetics and body politics
of contemporary dance culture; Alan JOHNSON, Equality with a
difference: 'Union Women's Alliance to Gain Equality' and the
campaign for a 'Labor Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in California,
1970-1972; Sveta KLIMOVA, Disagreeing to Agree and Disagreeing to
Disagree: How can Protest be Rational?; Adam LENT, The
Personal-Local in New Movements; Barbara LINDSAY, Cartooning for
Equality; Rachel MONAGHAN and Kathy KENDALL, 'Hidden From History'
- Suffragette Violence; Bron SZERSZYNSKI, Life Politics,
Emancipatory Politics and Moral Responsibility in the Animal Rights

ISBN (2 vols together) 1 899927 06 9

Price (incl postage) 25 pounds sterling; cheques to Manchester
Metropolitan University

Available from:
Colin Barker,
Department of Sociology
Manchester Metropolitan University
Geoffrey Manton Building
Rosamond Street West
Manchester M15 6LL, UK
tel 0161 247 1751 fax 0161 247 6308 email

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